Learning for Life Bali

(previously Foundation for Fundraising Pacung Bali)

In the poor area of North of Bali we take care of:


for children


for teachers


for parents

Isle of extremes

Learning for Life Bali provides extra education in North-Bali. Why?

Rays of sunshine, a deep blue sea, and bright white beaches. At first sight Bali is paradise on earth. Unfortunately, the locals cannot always enjoy the richeness of the island.
Especially in the North of Bali the situation is poignant. The area struggles with severe water shortages, has no industry and unlike other parts of Bali there is hardly any income from tourism.

Learning for Life Bali

We have provided additional education for over twenty years. We have guided parents, educated young teachers and helped them find work. The educational centre in Pacung has been fully run by an Indonesian team since 2017.

This is only possible with your support! The LFLB Foundation is dependent
on donations and gifts.

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